What are the different types of moving storage containers available in Miami?

Moving storage container in Miami usually come in a variety of sizes. Most are metal framed and weather-proof boxes that can be left outdoors for long periods during the moving process. Usually, they are available with a lock and key for added security. A few compact moving container companies offer wood-framed containers with weatherproof covering. The smallest moving container available at most companies typically holds up to a room and a half of furniture or the equivalent of a small furnished apartment.

Larger moving boxes can hold around three to four bedrooms worth of furniture. Depending on the sizes offered, you may have to rent more than one moving container to hold all of your belongings. Like U-Pack and SMARTBOX, several companies allow customers to rent as many moving containers as they want but only charge customers for the number of moving containers they use. If you’re unsure how many containers your move will require, then this strategy may be a good solution for you.

Types of moving storage containers available in Miami are as follows:

  • U-Pack’s ReloCube climate-proof containers feature durable steel framing and aluminum side panels. The advantage of choosing U-Pack over other moving container and storage companies is that U-Pack will allow you to reserve as many ReloCubes as you want but will only charge you for the ReloCubes you want to end up utilizing. You order three containers but end up filling just two; you’ll only be charged for the two ReloCube moving containers used. In addition, it does not require a deposit ahead of time.
  • COWs moving boxes are made of steel and sit atop small wheels, making them exceptionally mobile. Most COWs areas offer customers several services, including a DIY option where customers load and unload the container themselves; a hybrid option where customers can opt for labor assistance for heavier items; and a full-service option where customers can opt to have the company load and unload all belongings.

While one gets to know that there are numerous moving storage containers in Miami and storage options to choose from, all shipping container moving companies offer quality services.